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RIO NANAY Black Water Tributaries - Upper Amazon River Basin


August 8 to August 15 *
Rio Amazonas, Rio Nanay, Rio Corrientes
(There is the possibility of a second week, if enough people are interested.)

1 Week $1,395 ($1,295 if fully paid for by July 15) plus airfare to Lima, Peru, which can range from $599 to $1,199, depending on how far in advance it is purchased. This is arranged by each individual traveler himself. There is an additional local flight from Lima to Iquitos, Peru for approx $175 that is arranged through a travel service in Miami.

Led by George Fear, Shark Aquarium, Hillside, NJ 07205 Veteran Traveler and Collector throughout Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru Outfitted by Margarita Tours, a division of Amazon River Expeditions, S.C.R. LTD
The main focus of this year's trip will be to sample rarely explored or collected numerous blackwater rivers and streams that drain into the Rio Nanay,

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accessed via the upper Rio Amazonas, in northeastern Peru. Emphasis will be placed on accessing smaller streams that initiate above the flood plain. Fishes from this area have evidenced limited geographic distribution. Recent discoveries from this immediate area of new characins, such as the Red Pencil fish, and dwarf cichlids, such as the lyretail Apistogramma, support the fact that there may be new fishes there yet to be collected.

Our boat will only accomodate up to 12 passengers. We will also be accompanied by a full crew, consisting of the boat's Captain, cook, and interpretor/naturalist who will be more than willing to help drag the seine, and lead jungle hikes.

If there is enough interest, an excursion will be offered for a 1-2 day fishing trip up the Rio Nanay for the giant BLACK piranha, Serrasalmus rhombeus. Daily activities will include tropical fish collecting, jungle walks, kayaking, fishing, and any other activities which may avail themselves. There are always surprises, even after doing 15 years of these trips! This trip will probably be totally booked by April/May. THIS IS A TRIP OF A LIFETIME.

To reserve a seat (BUNK!), a $400 deposit must be received by April 15. Another $400 payment is due by May 31, with the remainder due by June 30. Do NOT purchase your airfare until you have received a written confirmation that a place has been reserved in your name, and your payment(s) has been received.
For more information, contact George at info@sharkaquarium.com